Two more Buffalo buildings make national historic landmark list

May 22, 2017

Buffalo has two more historic landmark buildings, as the city looks at creating more historic neighborhoods.

The National Register of Historic Places has added The Virginian apartments on Virginia Street and what is now the Crescendo apartments on Niagara Street to the register.

Historic tax credits have been valuable to developers on projects like Crescendo and helped to finance the adaptive reuse in what was an F.N. Burt manufacturing plant.

Credit WBFO's Mike Desmond

The Common Council also has designated two buildings on Sycamore Street as historic and created a new historic district on High Street. Preservation Board chair Paul McDonnell said it is a continuing reminder of the city's history.

"It's not as significant as it used to be because we are getting a lot more," said McDonnell. "I think it's a sign of the times where both SHPO and the Department of the Interior are recognizing how many historic buildings Buffalo has. So, although it's not as big a news, I guess it's as good news as ever."

New Board Member Ruth Bryant represents the Ellicott District and said the Virginia Street designation is a sign of growing interest in the city's neighborhoods of history and historic buildings and she will be looking for more.

"Because they have significant value in terms of the fabric of the community and it speaks to the past and at times we have to make sure that we honor that and do due diligence," said Bryant. "So you have to do the homework to make sure, 'Yes, this is worthy of this.'"