Two school board candidates ruled off ballot

Apr 22, 2014

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A second candidate running for one of three at-large seats on the Buffalo Board of Education was removed from the ballot Tuesday due to a lack of valid signatures.

The Board of Elections said Daniel Reynolds fell short on his nominating petitions.  The Elections Board also disqualified Bryon McIntyre late Monday for the same reason.  Both candidates can appeal the rulings. 

With the school board election now two weeks away, Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr says there's still plenty of time for the court to rule on the appeals. Once the legal process is complete, the Elections Board will print the ballot.

"We haven't missed one (an election) yet," said Mohr. 

The Elections Board also ruled Tuesday Ralph Hernandez's name will remain on the ballot, despite a challenge to his petitions. 

The School Board election is Tuesday, May 6th.  On Friday, May 2nd, WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley will be joined by education reporters from the Buffalo News in questioning the school board candidates as part of a two-hour special on WNED TV that begins at 8pm.  

One person was ruled off the Buffalo school board ballot Monday and more might lose their ballot places today.

EARLIER REPORT: County elections commissioners ruled Monday night that Bryon McIntyre didn't file the 1,000 valid signatures needed to go on the ballot.

Ballot hearings continue today with the board reviewing the signatures on petitions supporting Daniel Reynolds' candidacy. Some objections over the candidacy of Ralph Hernandez didn't arrive until Monday, making his situation less clear.

Commissioners kept Stephen Buccilli on the ballot for the May 6 vote.

Republican Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr says it has become easier to file enough valid signatures.

"Prior to the last school board election, you had to specify people's addresses not only at the current time but also at the time they had voted in the last general election," Mohr explained.

"That requirement has been stricken and the requirements of signing the petitions are much more lenient now than they ever were."

Getting enough valid signatures in a school board race has been a problem for years. Hernandez went on the board as a write-in after the incumbent didn't file enough valid signatures and was ruled off the ballot last year for not getting enough valid signatures.

Mohr says the compressed time schedule has made the entire process very complicated. Absentee ballots were mailed out with all of the candidate names, however votes for ineligible candidates will not count. The Board of Elections is unable to print the ballots for Election Day until rulings and any court appeals are completed.