UB, Glasgow partner on $1.6M diabetes research

Nov 1, 2018

A University at Buffalo distinguished professor is seeing his longterm work in diabetes spread to Europe and a joint research effort with the University of Glasgow.

With increasing attention to the work of Dr. Paresh Dandona in using Type 2 diabetes drugs to treat Type 1, JDRF International has put $1.6 million into the research effort that is treating 114 patients, half here and half in Glasgow.

While insulin remains the primary treatment for Type 1 diabetes, Dandona's research uses combinations of drugs, along with insulin, to help control blood sugar.

"Type 1 is the really terrible condition which leaves you not really able to to deal in any significant way with this," Dandona said. "So people have looked at endurance with analogues of insulin. They have looked at insulin pumps and we still have 80 percent of the Type 1 diabetics who don't have it under control."

Before coming to UB, Dandona worked as a doctor in London for 15 years. That gave him a familiarity with Britain's National Health System, which has detailed medical records of every patient, while records of patients here are scattered around local medical facilities.

He said doctors across Europe have been following his research publications closely on how much various drugs can help control blood sugar not controlled by insulin.