UB restarts clinical trials, as coronavirus lessens

Jul 7, 2020

One of the core areas of medical research at the University at Buffalo's Medical School is restarting this week, after being quiescent for more than three months because of COVID-19.

Clinical trials are a key element in medical research, so restarting them is a big deal. Clinical trials are often the first chance for doctors to see if new drugs or treatments can deal with serious health problems.

Before the pandemic, the University at Buffalo was conducting an average of 200 clinical trials at any one time.
Credit University at Buffalo

On average, UB is doing 200 clinical trials with 3,000 patients at any one time, with the trial often offering the last chance of a patient for life. It is also an economic opportunity locally, since many of these trials are conducted by researchers who are starting companies to use the research.

Pulmonologist Dr. Sanjay Sethi is a prominent UB researcher and Clinical Research Office director.

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Sethi does COVID-19 research. His work and that of others on the virus has continued all during the crisis. But leading edge work on hepatitis, diabetes and heart valves has stalled during the national quarantine.

It isn’t just the doctors. There are hordes of graduate students, young doctors, medical students and others who are building their careers in these fields, only to see everything stop.