UB welcomes back its winning basketball teams

Mar 24, 2015

UB's men's and women's basketball teams finished their seasons early in the post-season tournaments but that didn't stop the party Monday in Alumni Arena.

UB Men's Basketball Coach Bobby Hurley and his team enjoy the moment Monday at Alumni Arena
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The men's team went to the "big dance," only to lose a heart-breaker in the first round of the NCAA tournament and the women's team lost early in the NIT. The excitement was that the women's team had two big winning seasons in a row and the men's team won the conference tournament and made the first NCAA tourney for UB.

Men's Coach Bobby Hurley says next year will be even better with some stars coming back. Hurley says victory means kids who want UB sports and academics.
"Already, I'm getting the feedback from our assistant coaches that the impact of playing in the tournament has given us the spotlight and it has put us in a good position and it will continue with recruits. Because, we've broken through and gone to the biggest tournament there is and kids want to be a part of that," Hurley said.

Women's coach Felisha Legette-Jack says her recruiting is also looking good. She says a tradition of winning brings kids who want UB's academics for the general student body and winning sports teams for their off-hours.