Uber is gearing up to launch its service in Buffalo

Jun 13, 2017

Uber is ramping up operations ahead of the June 29 launch of ride-hailing across Upstate New York.

Uber's Matt Powers talks to a few dozen people about the benefits of ride-hailing, in the Atrium at 500 Seneca, on Tuesday.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

In Buffalo on Tuesday, Uber Regional General Manager Matt Powers said the company is happy ride-hailing is launching before July 4 because it's typically one of the most dangerous weekends for drunk driving.
"The fact that Uber and ride-sharing is able to launch ahead of that is really spectacular because that means that there will be a safe reliable form of transportation for anybody looking to celebrate on the fourth," Powers said.

The company, he says, provides riders with access to a reliable form of transportation that is affordable. And there's lots of transparency built in to the system.

"Once you open up the app and you request a ride you're able to see exactly who your driver is, where they are, what their license plate is. You're able to share your ride with a loved one. If your traveling, tap a button, I can share my ride with you so you know exactly where I am. As soon as the ride is over, you're emailed a receipt. Before you even request a ride, you see what that fare is up front. So there's a lot of transparency that our technology is able to provide," Powers said.

So far about 5,000 local drivers have expressed an interest in working with Uber. But Powers says most drivers only work 10 to 15 hours a week for extra income.