Uncertainty clouds SolarCity project

Feb 29, 2016

Last week, there were a thousand skilled trades workers on site, building the SolarCity plant in South Buffalo. With pink slips issued late last week, there are expected to be fewer workers today.

The massive SolarCity project in Buffalo's Riverbend section has brought hundreds of jobs to the region.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

Albany is months behind in paying the $40 millions a month costs of the project and no one is being specific about what's going on. Some have speculated that the money will arrive this week, allowing workers to be called back.

"It's an embarrassing thing. It should have never happened," said State Assemblyman Mickey Kearns.

"People are very excited about this project. It's a very important project and you're exactly right, this was a hiccup, but it was embarrassing and I think you have to say what it was. 

Before pink slips were issued last week because of the cash flow problems, there were around a thousand skilled trades people on the site building a very high-tech project. SolarCity is already slipping on its schedule, blaming delays in delivering the specialized equipment for the solar panel process.