Van Miller collection heads to the auction block

Jan 8, 2019

There is an auction in South Buffalo Tuesday of a man's career and life.  The Lodge Auction House is handling the sale of the property of the late, legendary broadcaster Van Miller.

Photos from Van Miller's legendary career are among the items up for auction today at the Lodge Auction House.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO

"This is all fresh, right out of his home," said auctioneer Stephen Phillips during an open house of the collection Monday night.

"The collection may be split up and sold further and further. But, this is your first change to get it fresh, right out of his home."

According to Phillips, Miller's home will soon be up for sale.

Fans and collectors made their way to the open house, offering their assessments.

"I was looking at some jewelry pieces that Van had, that were given to him by the Bills for the '64 championship. That's kind of what I've got to have," said one fan who only gave his first name, Gary.

A model train set a bumper pool table, game tapes and several photos from Miller's lengthy career are part of the collection.

Another longtime fan, Gary Fazio, was eyeing a Buffalo Bills handmuff, something he might use during a home game in December.

"This may have belonged to Jim Kelly or Thurman Thomas or, maybe, Drew Bledsoe. Who knows?"