Vive combines with Jericho Road to assist local refugees

Aug 19, 2015

For three decades Vive on Wyoming Street has been a center for refugees, some heading to Canada and others waiting to hear if they will get asylum in this country. Now, Vive is part of Jericho Road Community Health Center.

Vive on Wyoming Street has been assisting refugees in Buffalo for three decades.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The new operator was showing off the facility Tuesday to discuss what's changing.

Cecil Mongo is a refugee from Zimbabwe who has become a full-time worker at Vive,

"Vive has got the building and has got the facilities to accommodate people," Mongo said.

"But, now financially they are not strong enough and Jericho, they have put something that can help and also they have got the medical side that is more useful to most of our residents who have come from various places."

Jericho Road already operates a clinic in the Vive building along with its major facility on the West Side.

Chief Program Officer Anna Ireland says there's a plan for major work in the Vive building, like the roof and the boiler with operations helped by more community agencies working with the center and its constantly changing population from a changing array of countries.