Voter registration deadline draws near

Mar 21, 2016

In less than a month New Yorkers will be able to weigh-in on the race for the White House by voting in the state's presidential primary. But residents must register to vote by this Friday March 25th.

Credit NYS Board of Elections

Erie County Republican Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr says unlike many other states, only voters who declare their party affiliation can take part in New York's primary. According to Mohr, process prevents party members from quickly changing affiliations with the intention of boosting who they might deem to be the weakest candidate in opposing party.

"New York State prohibits that by requiring you to switch your party affiliation prior to the last general election," Mohr said.

First-time registrants can declare their party affiliation up until Friday's deadline. He says so far new voter registrations in the County do not seem to be abnormally high or favoring one party over the other.