Wallenda wire walk preparations in full swing in Niagara Falls

Jun 12, 2012

 Preparations are in full-swing at Goat Island in Niagara Falls for Nik Wallenda's high-wire walk this Friday. 

O'Connell Electric, a Western New York electrical business, has been working on the cable project for nearly a year. 

Michael Parkes is the Power Group Manager at O'Connell.  He said his crews will feed the cable through a 40-thousand pound line tensioner that is anchored down on Goat Island. 

"That tensioner is where Nik's cable will be set through...so when it's being pulled it doesn't fall off into the Gorge," said Parkes. "It's going to be strung about 2,000 feet." 

Crews started preparing for Monday morning on Goat Island and headed over on the Canadian side Tuesday.    O'Connell electric will also be standby with rescue baskets on Friday night. 

A helicopter will begin to string a large cable across the Niagara Gorge at 6'o'clock Tuesday night. 

Wallenda's engineer was also working on aspects of the high-wire stunt on Goat Island early Tuesday afternoon for the  high-wire-stunt.