Walton officially launches Buffalo mayoral campaign

Dec 14, 2020

A local community activist is gearing up her run for the mayor’s office in Buffalo.

Walton kicked off her campaign with a showing of videos and documentaries about Buffalo with supporters on Zoom.
Credit WNY Media Network

India Walton is a familiar name to many in Buffalo, as she headed the Fruit Belt Land Trust, a grassroots effort to revitalize and save the community with equitable and affordable housing. Now she’s setting her sights on the mayor’s office.

“Buffalo has problems, and I’ve been known, we’ve been known together to solve a problem or two,” Walton said. “They’ll say I’m too emotional, I say it’s about time we add some soul to city hall.”

She said this commitment to the community on the grassroots level is what makes her poised for the mayor's job.

“I’ve remained committed, I’ve fought, I fought all summer long. You see me out there right along with you shoulder to shoulder," Walton said of her most recent activism for racial justice. "I know who we’re up against, they’ll say I’m too radical, I say I’m bold and visionary. We’re going to allow our imaginations to run wild and build the Buffalo we want for us all.”

Walton doesn’t have the resources like four-term Mayor Byron Brown has. Political experience, party leadership support, or a large campaign funds account. But she wants this campaign to be about something bigger than just herself.

“I promise you I will lift as I climb. This is not about me, this is about us,” said Walton. “I’m looking forward to working together to create the future we want for our children, our grandchildren, and our city.”

Mayor Brown has yet to make a statement on plans to seek a fifth-term in next year’s mayoral election.