Warm weather brings thousands to annual Garden Walk

Jul 27, 2015

Thousands of people weaved through way through Buffalo's West Side over the weekend during the annual Garden Walk.


With a little bit of rain Friday night and some more on Saturday morning, gardeners say their yards were in peak condition when the visitors arrived to see what can be done in large and small backyards and front yards and some community gardens.

"We heard of people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada of course, Toronto and Kitchener," said Volunteer Coordinator Barbara Cavanagh. 

"We had somebody from Texas, we don't always ask and I think we had somebody from Louisiana."

Many were easy to see, with walking shoes and maps showing what seemed entire neighborhoods with yellow signs and some outposts.

Peter Sowiski says his family garden is on the far coast of the Garden Walk, a former factory near Lafayette and Niagara converted to a home and artists studio. Sowiski says people came and saw a garden braced against the Great Lakes winds.

"We actually have been converting some of this area which was totally paved until two years ago into more landscaped areas, too. So, we've been kind of thinking that we're happy to be part of the changes that are happening along this stretch of the Niagara Street Corridor," Sowiski said.

Vendors report the crowd needed abundant doses of cold liquids and solid food to help the march from a set of hydrangeas to another of begonias, all with new colors.