WATCH: Erie County COVID Update for April 27, 2021

Apr 27, 2021

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz held a COVID-19 update briefing in Buffalo, discussing the latest case numbers, as well as a new incentive for getting vaccinated. Watch it here.

As the number of vaccinated county residents rises, the hunt is on for those shy of a needle in the arm. The ultimate quest is for herd immunity, which would restore life to normality. That requires a lot more vaccinations.

So on Tuesday, County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced "Shot and a Chaser."

"You come. You get vaccinated on site at Resurgence Brewery. We will give you something to present inside and you will be able to get a free drink at Resurgence," he said. "The same thing with Flying Bison. We will give you actually a pint with our Erie County 200 bicentennial logo on it and you’ll be able to get a free drink at Flying Bison."

That starts with May 8 at Resurgence and other breweries are welcome to participate.

The hospitality industry has been hammered by COVID and getting customers back has been an industry priority. The more vaccinated people there are, the more potential customers there can be, or as another slogan said, "Drink for a Dose."

Credit Erie County Department of Health
Credit Erie County Department of Health