Water damage at Southside Elementary; City schools to return Tuesday

Nov 24, 2014

One city school was damaged by the heavy and melting Lake Effect snows.  A  drain pipe caused leaking into Southside Elementary School on Southside Parkway Monday. 

Southside Elementary School #93 on Southside in south Buffalo.
Credit Photo from Buffalo Public Schools Website

Executive Director of Plant Services for the city school district, Joe Giusiana said nothing major was found. “It looks like a case of plugged drains due to ice accumulation around the pipes,” Giusiana said.  He said there was some leakage through the flashing due to water backup from the thaw.

Water traveled into some walls of the front office and a few other rooms, damaging some ceiling tiles. Joe Giusiana tells WBFO News the building has been deemed structurally sound by the Buffalo Fire Department.

"They walked the building and deemed the building safe. There was no evidence of cracking or structural distress," said Giusiana. 

Cleanup at Southside is underway and is expected to ready for students and staff Tuesday.   The Southside staff was moved to Waterfront School for the remainder of the day.   

The District has eight buildings in south Buffalo.  They are keeping close watch, so far we have not had any problems.

All Buffalo Public Schools will be open Tuesday.  The District said classes will resume following the five-day 'Snovember'.

The District issued a statement saying it's calling for a district-wide reconvening of school for students beginning Tuesday, November 25.

All after school activities for the remainder of this short Thanksgiving week -- the 25th and 26th -- will be canceled.  This includes all evening Adult Education classes as well as all student extracurricular and athletic activities.

"We will continue to keep an eye on the weather,” said Interim Schools Superintendent Donald Ogilvie. 'But we’re eager and ready to return to the classroom.  As always, our students’ safety is our first priority.”