Waterfront plan draws debate

Feb 18, 2015

Some neighbors say a proposed development on the last available residential parcel of land on Buffalo's Waterfront is maybe a little tall.

The Common Council has to approve the sale of city land for Ciminelli Real Estate's $20 million plan for 10 three-story townhouses and a mid-rise building for perhaps 20 condo units on top of a small parking ramp. There's going to be a public hearing on Tuesday in the neighborhood.

When the project came before the Council Tuesday, the objections seem to revolve around that height. Lawrence Cataldi said he will lose his view.
"There's a space now between the sidewalk and the other buildings there on both sides, Portside and Breakwaters. And, we think it should be uniform in some way, at least, if the project is going forward," Cataldi said.

"Again the height is very important to us. We're well aware...I particularly am going to be one of the most affected living across the street there...of losing a view."

There are other approvals besides the Council needed for the project to go forward, from the City Planning Board to the state attorney general to approve the offering statement for the condos. The plan was for the first occupants to move in later in the summer of next year.