Weather conditions cause partial I-90 closure

Jan 7, 2017

A lake effect snow warning remains in affect until 7 p.m. Sunday for Southern Erie, Chautauqua and Cattauraugus counties. A commercial traffic ban has been placed on the I-90 in both directions between Lackawanna and the Pennsylvania state line.

Credit WBFO

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Mitchell says the closure is due to a heavy lake effect snow ban set up along the thruway.


  "We're seeing snowfall rates up to three inches per hour so that's obviously the reason for the closure to commercial traffic. We do have warnings out for Southern Erie, Chautauqua and Cattauraugus through tomorrow evening. The higher terrain inland on the thruway could see upwards of 18 to 24 inches and possibly around a foot or so; maybe a little more right around the thruway corridor."

Mitchell says after the warnings expire tomorrow conditions should improve. He says we shouldn't anticipate any problems in the early morning commute.