Wegmans pulling products containing microbeads early

Dec 23, 2015

Wegmans plans to stop carrying health and beauty products containing microbeads. 

Credit Wegmans

Wegmans Vice President of Media Relations Jo Natale says given that the small plastic particles are turning up in the Great Lakes, Wegmans decided to "do the right thing" and remove them from store shelves.

Natale says it turns out that many products are already being reformulated.

"We put together a good list for consumers on our website, wegmans.com/microbeads, and you can go there and look down the list at the product you currently purchase to see what a suitable substitute would be," Natale said. 

The change includes a few dozen products and Natale says they will be removed from all of Wegmans 88 stores by the time the products are barred for sale in Erie and Chautuaqua counties in February.