Will Buffalo School Board Elections be held in May?

Jan 21, 2019

A push is underway to move Buffalo School Board elections from May to a later date.

A group of parents, clergy and businesses, in Buffalo, known as the "Change the Date Coalition" wants the city's school board elections to coincide with the state's new Primary Day, in June.  District Parent Coordinating Council President Sam Radford says with elections costing $100,000 changing the date is an opportunity to save taxpayer dollars.

DPCC President Sam Radford
Credit File photo: Chris Caya WBFO News

"Why are we going to spend $100,000 on an election in May and then turn around and spend - do another election in June? We just think it makes more sense since we've already moved it. And we moved it rather quickly. The legislature convened, in January, and one of the first things they did is they changed the voting date. So, we believe, with that sense of urgency the same thing can be done to fight on behalf of making sure that we get good results, in terms of the children in the Buffalo Public Schools, by moving that election day," Radford said.   

Assembly Majority Leader Crystral Peoples-Stokes says she supports the move. Peoples-Stokes, a Buffalo Democrat, says she's already discussed it with some of her colleagues in Albany. And she says it could be done by amending the law.

Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes
Credit File photo: Chris Caya WBFO News

"It's the perfect time for it. Not necessarily because of the weather but it's perfect because more voters are out. And I think you'll get a better participation from parents and the community as a whole in making decisions about who should be on our school board." Peoples-Stokes says it's her "desire" to see the upcoming school board elections moved from May, to June, this year. And since the change only applies to voters in Buffalo, she says, it could happen fast.