WNY congressman calls Trump's judge comments 'problematic'

Jun 7, 2016

A number of Republicans are expressing concerns over the latest controversy involving presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump. Among them is Rep. Tom Reed, whose district covers the Southern Tier.

Gonzalo Curiel, an Indiana-born judge of Mexican descent, is overseeing two class-action lawsuits over Trump University. Trump has said he believes Curiel will be biased because of the presumptive GOP nominee’s repeated calls to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Rep. Tom Reed is one of a number of Republicans taking issue with Donald Trump's comments about a judge of Mexican descent.

Reed says Trump’s remarks are “problematic.”

“Obviously the comments and the rhetoric are very concerning to me, just as we’ve expressed concern with other rhetoric that Donald Trump has issued. This is another example of something [where] we disagree with his tactic in this regard,” Reed said in a conference call with reporters Monday.

Reed has endorsed Trump’s campaign, but he says the rhetoric used by a presidential candidate does have consequences when it comes to the general election. 

“As Donald Trump has demonstrated, he’s his own candidate and we’ve always expressed some concern about his rhetoric, and this is additional rhetoric that I have concern with. To challenge a judge based on his personal background is problematic,” Reed said.

Reed is one of a number of Republicans who have expressed concern with Trump's comments in recent days. Many are calling on him to issue a public apology.