Women continue to earn less than men

Dec 21, 2015

There's apparently no end in sight to the pay differential between men and women. The ranking of new U.S. Census Bureau data, by Business First, shows men in the Buffalo area, on average, earn 39.1 percent more than women.

UB's Director of Research & Education on Women & Gender - Kari Winter says while women have made progress in recent years - the study shows they're still disrespected by society.  

Dr. Kari Winter, director of the Gender Institute at the University at Buffalo.
Credit UB Gender Institute

"Women's right to vote was only recognized in the United States in 1920. It's not even a hundred years yet that women have had the right to vote. But women are still extremely under represented. And these problems have to be addressed in proactive ways. They're not just going to change passively."  

Winter says most people are influenced by attitudes that are gender discriminatory even if they're not aware of it. But she says, in a society where white men are given more authority, pay inequity is also a fact of life for people of color.