Writer Christina Abt shares her "Heart & Soul"

Dec 6, 2015

If you're a longtime listener of WBFO, you may remember the Heart & Soul commentaries of writer Christina Abt. Once a month, Christina joined us with essays -- some of them very personal, others commenting on the news of the day. She also wrote essays for the Hamburg Sun. Christina has compiled these essays into a new book titled, Heart & Soul: The Best Years of My Op-Ed Life.

Abt says, early on, she wrote about things she knew best -- family, love, home and holidays. Over time, she expanded to other topics, including sports, community, politics and women's issues.

"The best part of writing commentaries was the responses they encouraged from readers and listeners," Abt said.

Heart & Soul is available at Eden Kazoo Gift Shop, Braymiller's Market, Vidler's, Dog Ears Bookstore and Talking Leaves and online at Amazon. A special limited edition that includes a CD of her audio essays and interviews can be found at Christina's website.