Zemsky rated top leader in Buffalo News survey

Mar 18, 2013

Sunday's Buffalo News features its annual leadership survey.  The News lists 25 local figures as the top leaders of our community.  Topping the survey results is businessman Howard Zemsky. 

Zemsky is known for his development of the Larkinville. He is also chair of the NFTA and the Governor's Regional Development Council.  WBFO News spoke with Buffalo News reporter Susan Schulman about Zemsky's leadership.

"It wasn't just about the Larkin Building.  There was a lot of talk of this man having a vision," Schulman said.  "There were a lot of comments that he listens."

Congressman Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo, was second on the leadership survey. 

Ranking toward the bottom of the survey -- Buffalo developer Carl Paladino, deputy mayor Steve Casey and last -- Buffalo Teacher Federation President Phil Rumore.  The results came from a cross-section of business, political, religious and community leaders. 

Monday, respondents rate Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, and then Tuesday, it's Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.