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Under the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, all Americans must have health insurance or risk paying a fine. But there are exemptions, and one of those is for people who belong to something called “healthcare sharing ministries.”

Members of these sharing ministries, which have more than 500,000 members around the country, help cover one another’s medical costs as they arise. Twenty-nine states have strong legal protections for the groups.

A last-minute court filing says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may not need Apple’s help to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers.

Instead, a mysterious third party has come forward with a possible way of bypassing the phone’s encryption, awarding a short-term victory to Apple while also raising concern among privacy advocates about the long-term possibilities.

Dawn Chmielewski of Re/code speaks with Here & Now’s Meghna Chakrabarti about what this latest move by the FBI means for the future.

Arizona voters go to the polls today, with Donald Trump leading in the Republican primary and Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, although Bernie Sanders has put on a late push for votes. It’s an open primary, so independents can vote in either race. Jude Joffe-Block from Here & Now contributor KJZZ in Phoenix reports.


President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba will have broad implications for both the United States and Cuba. The trip comes after a decades-long freeze between the two nations.

Transgender Man Embraces Pregnancy

Mar 21, 2016

Junior Brainard and Tina Montgomery were struggling to conceive a child. Like many couples, they were stressed out and worried about fertility. But their story is more complicated: Junior is a transgender man and Tina is a transgender woman. Both had been using hormone treatment for years, on their way to transitioning. Mariel Carr from The Pulse at WHYY in Philadelphia reports their story.