AARP New York

Thomas O'Neil-White

Creating livable communities throughout New York State is a topic which has gained steam over the last five years. A summit hosted by AARP New York on Friday looked at the divergent processes of government and community-run organizations in creating equity in the poorest communities in the state.

It may be illegal for job interviewers to ask about an applicant's age, but the practice is surprisingly common. According to Randy Hoak, Associate State Director for AARP New York, 44 percent  of "older workers looking for jobs" report being asked age-related questions in job interviews.  Few, however, file formal complaints over the practice.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

The AARP, in partnership with several agencies representing various ethnic and racial interests, has collected and relayed local feedback on concerns within their respective communities, specifically involving people ages 50 and older. The localized follow-up to the AARP's statewide study is being passed on to local elected officials with the hopes it will spark policy change.

AARP New York

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