State HIV task force says cuts to rebate program can hurt its efforts

Dec 1, 2020

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo committed to reducing HIV/AIDS cases in 2014, he created a task force called Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in New York State. The task force, also called ETE, had the ambitious goal of ending the epidemic in the state by 2020.

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Erie County Medical Center's Immunodeficiency Clinic is medical ground zero for those who are infected with HIV. There was a time when it was the center of death, as hundreds of local residents died under the pressure of the retro-virus. However, people today are living much longer with the illness.

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As World AIDS Day is remembered, so do survivors remember the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

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As the number of new HIV cases in New York continues to fall, a report from the pharmaceutical company Merck has found that stigma toward the infection in younger generations is growing.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new state figures Wednesday that show the number of new HIV diagnoses has dropped to a new low since the peak of the epidemic.

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New York state will require health insurance companies to cover the cost of treatments to detect and prevent HIV infection starting next year, according to a letter circulated by the Department of Financial Services.

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This year's annual Artie Awards were so successful as a fundraiser for Erie County Medical Center's Immunodeficiency Services Department, the money raised was double last year's.

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World AIDS Day – a global effort to bring attention to the ongoing HIV epidemic – is being observed today. In Erie County, where more than 100 new cases of HIV are diagnosed each year, the County’s Department of Health is working to raise awareness through the media, online, and with partners in the community. Here’s what the county’s top doctor wants you to know.

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The Artie Awards and theater community raised $20,000 for ECMC's HIV/AIDS and Immunodeficiency Services. WNED-WBFO were presenters of the 27th annual Artie Awards held June 5th. Artie Awards Founder and WBFO's Theater Talk co-host Anthony Chase presented the check to ECMC Monday.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says ECMC provides key HIV-AIDS services through its clinic.

Several weeks before President Trump nominated Indiana's state health commissioner Jerome Adams to be the next U.S. Surgeon General, Adams toured the Salvation Army Harbor Light detox center in Indianapolis, Ind., the only treatment facility in the state for people without insurance.

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This month marks the halfway point in New York State's plan to end the AIDS epidemic by the year 2020. Although local health care officials say progress has been made, a new epidemic is threatening the effort.

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On Tuesday October 6, over 100 Western New York Restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS and provide much-needed services to those living with the disease. It’s part of the 13th annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser.

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After nearly three decades of providing temporary housing to Buffalo’s HIV and AIDS-infected homeless population, Main Street’s Benedict House will be closing.

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A decision by a Chautauqua County jury will keep a sexual predator in confinement.