Air Conditioning

Soondi Tech / University at Buffalo

Think about cooling a building with air conditioning that requires no electricity. A team from the University at Buffalo has a patent on a system using a unique plastic on a roof that allows heat to pass through into the sky.

Many Western New Yorkers are relying on air conditioning for relief from this weekend's heat wave. That high demand comes at a cost for the region's energy grid.

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The continuing demand for electricity in the summer's unrelenting heat wave is pushing New York's power grid hard. On Monday, the forecast demand was so high that Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked the state government to turn off lights and limit air conditioning to ease demand.

Not looking forward to a summer without air conditioning? How does a free air conditioner sound to you? TheĀ  Home Energy Assistance Program's Cooling Assistance Program is now open. Under the federally-funded HEAP program, income-eligible households with at least one member having a documented medical condition can have an window air conditioner installed for free.

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As portions of New York City contend with the growing problem of Legionaire's Disease, Western New York officials are urging precautions as well.