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Five openly transgender members of the U.S. military are suing President Trump and other leaders of the U.S. government over Trump's declaration, over Twitter, that trans people will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. The suit alleges that Trump's directive is "arbitrary and capricious," unconstitutionally depriving the service members of due process.

Silver Alert

Town of Tonawanda Police say a 79-year-old veteran used his military skills to stay alive while stranded in the woods for four days.

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US Senator Charles Schumer is pushing to bring refueling aircraft back to the Niagara Falls Reserve Station.

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U.S. Air Force pilots from around the world will soon be traveling to Niagara Falls for their annual training. Local elected officials and military brass broke ground Tuesday on a new flight simulator at the air base.

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Questions are being raised concerning the rejection by the Air Force of the Council of Governors Plan to preserve jobs and missions at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

A memo issued by the Air Force appears to use misleading information to undermine efforts to save Air National Guard jobs at the station and to establish a new mission for the 107th Airlift Wing. The Air Force memo focuses on scenarios not indicated in the Governors Plan, including the realignment of F-16 fighter planes, an issue not connected with the Falls base.