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Some Americans have been trailed and closely monitored by undercover air marshals as they traveled on U.S. flights, as part of a previously undisclosed Transportation Security Administration program called Quiet Skies. The marshals take notes on the targeted traveler's behavior, sending detailed reports to the TSA.

Airlines including American, Delta and Alaska have announced restrictions on so-called smart luggage because the lithium-ion batteries found in many of these suitcases pose a fire risk.

These kinds of bags have proliferated in recent years, including motorized suitcases you can ride and one pitched as an autonomous "robot companion" that follows you around.

After negative headlines throughout the first part of this year, this week United Airlines announced a new program to better handle the problem of overbooking on flights. A hidden benefit to the plan? More profits for the airline.

Some areas of the Northeast have been enjoying a mostly snow-free winter, but that's about to change.

Residents have been warned about an approaching powerful, fast-moving storm that could deliver more than a foot of snow in some areas.

The change in weather follows a spring-like day when much of the Northeast was enjoying 60 degree temperatures.

Schumer wants minimum size standards for airline seats

Feb 28, 2016

Seats on planes flown by commercial airlines are shrinking and legroom continues to be reduced -- so much so that US Senator Charles Schumer is calling for new regulations.

WBFO News file photo

On Sunday, Senator Charles Schumer urged the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation to investigate a price comparison freeze out among airlines.

WBFO / WBFO News File Photo

New York Senator Charles Schumer will be in New York City today speaking against a proposed move by the airline industry.