All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are a routine part of rural life, but some city lawmakers say there are way too many of them in Buffalo. They are proposing laws to combat the illegal use of ATV's which are driven badly on city streets and in parks, causing damage.

Buffalo Police Department

A Buffalo man has been sentenced to  1 1/2-3 years in prison, after running over and dragging a Buffalo Police officer who was trying to ticket him.

Buffalo Common Council Members continue to mull over proposed legislation that aims to toughen penalties and discourage the use of unregistered motorized recreational vehicles in the city. On Tuesday, they heard from city officials including a representative of the Buffalo Police Department.

Following an incident involving an all-terrain vehicle which injured two Buffalo Police officers and this past weekend's arrest of two riders traveling recklessly among a pack in the Town of Amherst, law enforcers say they're watching out for an increasing problem of unauthorized vehicles operated on municipal roads.

Buffalo Police Department

In the wake of two Buffalo police officers being hurt when they were hit by an ATV near the city's Juneteenth Festival, officials want a crackdown on the vehicle's use, which they say is on the rise.