Audubon Golf Course

Amherst Town Board

The Amherst Town Board has cleared the way for the first step on what will be a long road for Amherst Central Park.

Dan Vivian / University at Buffalo

For decades, golfers using the Audubon golf course in Amherst have been walking across bodies quietly buried by the University at Buffalo on what was once university property. That is going to change, with the property turned into a cemetery for crematory ashes.

Brian Kulpa

An agenda focused on proactive planning and forecasting has big changes in store for the town of Amherst.

Developers seek golf course swap in Amherst

Aug 22, 2012

Though little certainty exists, planners are promoting their idea of a large scale lawn swap in Amherst.

Developers offered details at a Tuesday night public meeting regarding their plan to trade the privately-owned Westwood Country Club for the town-owned Audubon Golf Course on Maple Road.

While the town could continue offering municipal golf at the Westwood location, the 170-acre Audubon land would be transformed into a multi-use development.

According to the Buffalo News, planners admit the land swap faces several hurdles before becoming a reality.

File Photo / WBFO/AM 970 News

A proposed swapping of properties could bring new development to the Town of Amherst.

The News reports that Mensch Capital Partners is expected to formally request that the town trade the Audubon Golf Course to them in exchange for their Westwood Country Club. Operations at the club have been troubled of late, and the lease with the current operators ends in December. Mensch is interested in using the Audubon property for mixed development.

Any transaction will likely face protracted negotiations.

File Photo / WBFO/AM 970 News

Administrators in the Town of Amherst are optimistic that its taxpayer supported golf courses will soon become profitable.

The town's trio of golf courses have lost money over the previous three seasons, with deficits rising to nearly $300,000 in 2011. The town operates the Audubon, Oakwood and Audubon Par Three golf courses. Administrators blame the lackluster performance at the courses to poor weather, competition from private courses, and ongoing construction projects that interrupted play.