Barbara Seals Nevergold

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Buffalo's Uncrowned Queens celebrated their 20th anniversary by honoring local people and groups who help make sure all segments of the local community are recognized and remembered.

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All nine members of the Buffalo School Board are on the ballot Tuesday, four of them without opponents. It happens only every 15 years.

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Buffalo School Board members apparently believe the district is making progress, giving each of its three leaders another one-year term without opposition.

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Kriner Cash received a B on his report card last night, as the Buffalo school board completed its annual evaluation of the schools superintendent.

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All 76 Buffalo school nurses have to find new assignments this summer. As employees of Kaleida Health, their assignments in Buffalo Public Schools is ending. The Buffalo School Board Wednesday night voted to replace them with cheaper, non-union nurses from two staffing agencies.

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The leader of the Buffalo teachers union is ready to fight against an outside receiver taking over B.U.I.L.D. Academy. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley has the story. 

Buffalo Public Schools

Buffalo Public Schools are running out of time to define a future for BUILD Academy, whose weak academic performance is impairing its prospects.

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The Buffalo School Board is back up to nine members, after Catherine Flanagan-Priore was sworn in as the Park District member Wednesday.

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State Supreme Court Justice Catherine Nugent-Panepinto Monday afternoon denied a temporary restraining order filed by former Buffalo School Board Park District member Carl Paladino to keep the seat vacant. The same day, the Buffalo School Board chose Paladino's replacement.

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At least 14 people are expressing interest in a vacant seat on the Buffalo Board of Education. Reviews and interviews will begin next week, though at least one board member won't rule out the possibility of former Park District representative Carl Paladino's reinstatement.

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The president of the Buffalo School Board is pleased the State Education Commissioner ruling to remove Carl Paladino from his Park District School Board seat. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says Barbara Seals Nevergold told reporters Paladino is to be removed immediately.

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Carl Paladino may have been removed from the Buffalo School Board by Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, but that does not mean he is giving up. His lawyers say they are appealing the removal and continuing a Civil Rights lawsuit against the school board.

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The Buffalo School Board has decided Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash is doing a pretty good job, garnering a grade of B-.

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The Buffalo School Board finished the school year with a six-day hearing in Albany over whether Carl Paladino should be removed from the board. It opened the new year by re-electing officers and getting into Paladino's fight.

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Testimony began Thursday in the long-awaited hearing for Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino. State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia is holding the hearing in Albany in response to a school board petition calling for Paladino's removal.

Buffalo School Board seeks funding increase from city

Feb 6, 2017
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The Buffalo Public School District is reaching out to the city for a financial boost. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the leader school board wants the Mayor to provide a funding increase.

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The Buffalo School Board moved again Wednesday for the removal of Park Board Member Carl Paladino. The Board approved the hiring of Syracuse-area lawyer Frank Miller to handle the application to the New York State Education Commissioner.

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There are more planned protests this week calling on  Buffalo  School board member Carl Paladino to resign. What's being labeled as an "Oust Paladino Action" is scheduled for Tuesday on the steps of City Hall.

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Comments made by Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino to a local weekly newspaper have led to widespread condemnation of the controversial developer.

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In a review of Buffalo Public schools in receivership, the New York State Education Department said some of the city's most troubled schools are meeting their own goals for improvement.

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The labor talks between the Buffalo school system and the Buffalo Teachers Federation are apparently making progress.

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After a major negotiations victory, the head of the Buffalo Teachers Federation said there could be a contract in time for a mass meeting of teachers in September.

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A workshop on school violence provided Buffalo School members a forum to share their perspectives on the issue. Despite their differences, all agreed that something needs to be done.

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With the proposed Buffalo school budget slated to pull millions of dollars out of thinning reserves to balance the spending plan, board members spent several hours Wednesday night looking for savings.

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Wednesday night’s meeting of the Buffalo School Board was not without its share of arguments. A vote on whether or not to offer condoms to high school students brought sex, disease, and morals to the table.

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The Concerned Clergy Coalition of Western New York is calling for a national search for a new city schools superintendent. WBFO's Focus on Education reporter Eileen Buckley reports it's one of two demands the coalition is requesting. 

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The Buffalo Board of Education convened Wednesday's meeting at 5:30 p.m. After a session of issues, controversy and some name calling, the meeting was adjourned around midnight.

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Even by the often-chaotic standards of Buffalo school board meetings, last night's was unusually hectic.

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The Buffalo Board of Education has been talking for weeks about what to do if Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown takes a buyout to leave the district.  Brown is expected to leave Monday and the board will be meeting in special session to discuss their next steps.

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The Buffalo Board of Education has now had two one-hour long discussions about how to pick a replacement for the departing Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown. On Wednesday, they decided another meeting was necessary.