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The Buffalo Municpal Housing Authority has stayed in-house, making Interim Executive Director Gillian Brown its permanent director.

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With new leadership on the horizon, there are some big changes occurring at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, including 12 percent raises for union workers.

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One of Buffalo's most visible decaying buildings is on track to come down, perhaps before the snow flies.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority

City Comptroller Mark Schroeder says it's well and good that the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has found a cheaper way to buy rock salt. It would be better if the authority had the auditors to say where the rest of its millions of dollars are going.

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The current head of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority says he's not sure what Congressman Brian Higgins is calling for at the Perry Homes.

Rep. Brian Higgins

Congressman Brian Higgins is calling on the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to investigate the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. Higgins says the authority is grossly mismanaged.

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There has been a sudden change at the top of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.


Common Council members were provided a disturbing story Tuesday of why so many people in the BMHA's Frederick Douglass town houses have been losing heat and hot water this freezing winter.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority

Buffalo's Common Council is starting yet another look at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority after the heat went out for tenants at the Frederick Douglass Towers and it took a long time to get it back on.


After years of effort, the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has received $16 million from Washington for a complete overhaul of the 87 housing units at Frederick Douglass Towers. Many residents are worried they will be pushed out of the renovated units.

City of Buffalo

About 600 residents in 80 Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority public housing units at Kenfield Homes are without power, after the failure of a main power switch.

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Do you remember the fight over $4 million City Comptroller Mark Schroeder said the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority owed the city? The two sides apparently have agreed there is a debt, but now the question is how much.

The long-troubled Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has a new majority on its board, with four new members appointed by Mayor Byron Brown and immediately confirmed by the Common Council. The question now is: What next? There are a lot of views about what to do with the authority that provides housing to thousands of city residents well down the economic ladder.

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Buffalo's Common Council holds its last meeting before the summer recess Tuesday. On the agenda: Mayor Byron Brown is hoping it approves his latest appointments to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority so the authority board can operate in a more responsive manner.

Higgins proposes renovating, not razing Perry Projects

Jun 12, 2017
Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Congressman Brian Higgins says it's time to act in Buffalo's Commodore Perry public housing neighborhood. He recommends renovating a dozen long-vacant buildings and reopening them as affordable housing. But neighbors are skeptical and made that known during Higgins' Monday morning news conference.

It's been coming since January. A no-smoking policy takes effect today for residents living in Buffalo's public housing units. Employees and staff are not allowed to smoke in the buildings, or within 25 feet of the buildings, as well.

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Joseph Mascia says he's not surprised Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown removed him from his position as Commissioner of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, adding that he is exploring legal options to reverse the decision.

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A week after Buffalo's Comptroller voiced concerns about the BMHA's outstanding debt the Common Council signed off on another loan for the Housing Authority.

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Following their monthly meeting - the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners refused to speak to the media Thursday. Several reporters wanted to give the officials an opportunity to respond to claims by the Comptroller that the BMHA owes taxpayers more than $3 million.

People who rent public housing in Buffalo will be barred from smoking in their homes starting this summer.

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The City of Buffalo's fiscal watchdog is taking a closer look at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority after digging up millions of dollars worth of unpaid bills.

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Defense attorney Steven Cohen argued at a public hearing Friday that a recording of Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority resident commissioner Joe Mascia using the "n-word" to describe several local officials was taken out of context. Cohen also said Mascia was goaded into using it. 

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Joseph Mascia says he isn't going away any time soon and will use his campaign for Fillmore District councilmember to open a community conversation on race and economic injustice.

Pressure mounting for Mascia to resign BMHA post following racial slurs

Jul 24, 2015

The pressure is growing on Joe Mascia to quit his post as a board member of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority in the wake of released secretly-recorded racist comments.

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Residents of the Marine Drive Apartments face massive rent increases under new rates for units in the Waterfront facility.

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The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority could face a federal takeover if steps are not taken to address a large number of vacant units in public housing complexes.

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Buffalo Police officers will now be required to take part in an at least 21 hours of ethics, diversity, and use-of-force training per year. The new measure was announced during a Buffalo Common Council Police Oversight Committee meeting Wednesday.

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It appears that some local residents who can least afford it  are about to feel the weight of the federal government's spending cuts. 

By the time the snow flies, one of the commuter landmarks along the Kensington Expressway may look very different.

Since 1980, the six empty buildings of the old Kensington Heights housing project have towered over the expressway, standing and rusting away. There have been periodic promises of change for the better, with the most recent change indictments of inspectors charged with not properly supervising asbestos removal.