Bob Shibley

Those who use Niagara Street for travel can look forward to more construction once the current massive work between Downtown and Porter Avenue is finished.

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There's a new master plan for Erie and Niagara Counties. "One Region Forward" looks to provide ordinary citizens the tools to balance proposals from planners and developers.

Mayor Brown says city residents are truly concerned about the new zoning code and that's why they packed the auditorium at ECC City last night.

The last time the zoning code was replaced, Buffalo was a booming city with an industrial base and booming suburbs.

That was 60 years ago and the code has only been tinkered with since.

Now, there is a new code in the works with a final version slated to be ready for public hearings late this year.

The new code is planned to help create mixed-use, walkable places for the 21st Century.