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The University at Buffalo wants its missing library books back. No questions asked.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Egan has covered Great Lakes issues for 15 years.  This month, he released his first bookThe Death and Life of the Great Lakes, an in-depth biography of the lakes – from the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway to the current issues with harmful algae blooms and invasive species.

Western New York Book Arts Center

A new exhibit is on display at the Western New York Book Arts Center downtown. It is titled "Contentual Relationships" and is organized by book artist, writer and storyteller Scott Kristopher.

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Now that the holiday shopping season is underway some people may be wondering what to buy. Despite advances in digital technology, old fashioned print books remain a popular option. 

One of the staples of Christmas presents remains books.  What's different in this area is local authors writing local books and local bookstores offering an often unique array to readers.

War always leads to literature. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan underway for more than a decade, novels are coming out about those wars. 

Writer Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya  spoke with WBFO & AM-970's Mike Desmond about his new book The Watch.