There may be more drama and scheming going on off the school sports fields in Buffalo than on the fields. It is a mix of the long-running disputes beween the city school district and the Buffalo Teachers Federation and activists.

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The continuing fight over how Buffalo Public School teachers become coaches is colliding with football players at one of the city's top schools.

McKinley High School

Buffalo Public Schools are moving forward on efforts to improve sports in the school system, especially trying to make sure student athletes have the grades and game performance to be open to college scholarships.

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"Well, Yogi Berra said, ' Its not over 'til it's over.'"

Carl Paladino has filed a complaint with the state court system regarding his removal from the Buffalo School Board last year. It targets a judge who heard his case and her husband.

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A Buffalo teacher is going to Albany as a new member of the New York State Assembly. Erik Bohen beat Erie County Legislator Pat Burke for the seat vacated when Mickey Kearns was elected Erie County Clerk.

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The latest fight between the Buffalo Teachers Federation and Buffalo Public Schools is heating up, this time over incentives like ice cream socials to persuade kids to take state-mandated tests and threats of punishment for those who don't.

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After an afternoon protest and an evening school board meeting, the fight over pulling teachers out of City Honors School is in State Supreme Court again Thursday morning.

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City Honors parents in Buffalo say planned teacher cuts at their school would cause a major disruption for students.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says this all revolves around a dispute over non-teaching duties. She spoke to a parent, the city school district and Buffalo Teachers Federation. 

City Honors School

Buffalo Public Schools are continuing the push for more sports - for both sexes - and better sports performances, facilities, coaching and academics.

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A major uproar in a Buffalo school spilled in front of the public Wednesday night, when a delegation of teachers appeared before the School Board to protest the management of their principal.

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The leader of the Buffalo teachers union is ready to fight against an outside receiver taking over B.U.I.L.D. Academy. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley has the story. 

Buffalo Public Schools

The State Education Department says more than 95 percent of schools in receivership made "demonstrable improvement" in the 2016-17 school year. However, BUILD Academy in Buffalo is one of two New York schools in receivership that did not improve enough and will now be placed under an Independent Receiver.

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The Buffalo Public School system is constantly negotiating union contracts with some organization, with the recent contract with the Buffalo Teachers Federation establishing a framework. Wednesday night, the School Board heard protests from the substitutes union and a separate dispute over the parent facilitators, a relatively new position in the school system.

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The Buffalo School Board rejected a multi-million dollar computer equipment purchase Wednesday night, rejecting assurances from Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash and some of his top aides that the proposal was above board.

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Buffalo Public Schools are looking at a budget for next year with a lot more spending than revenue. This comes as the schools are expecting an increase in aid.

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Now that the Buffalo School District and Buffalo Teachers Federation resolved a lengthy contract dispute, what's next for the long-time union leader? In this week's Press Pass, Buffalo News Education Reporter Tiffany Lankes tells WBFO's Eileen Buckley that BTF President Phil Rumore is reviewing his options.   

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City teachers held a mass rally Wednesday after years of little movement in talks between the Buffalo School Board and the Buffalo Teachers Federation.

The current Buffalo school board majority may be losing power at the end of this month, but it is certainly going down fighting.

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The Buffalo Teachers Federation is accusing the city school district of "bargaining in bad faith" for a new contract.  

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The Buffalo Public School District rejected a recent fact-finding report on their teachers' contract. In this week's Press Pass, WBFO's Eileen Buckley and Buffalo News Education reporter Tiffany Lankes discuss the sticking points anticipated in future contract talks.

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The Buffalo Public School District says mistakes were made in the teacher evaluation process.  More than 100 city school teachers and principals received ratings of 'effective' or 'highly effective',  but should have been rated 'ineffective'.

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The leader of the Buffalo Teachers Federations says the State Education Department should require charter schools have a population that is reflective of regular city schools.

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A study released by the union representing Buffalo school teachers shows they earn considerably less than their suburban counterparts.

Buffalo schools and the Buffalo Teachers Federation are in court Thursday morning, the day after the union won a major legal victory in arbitration.

The district plan to turn around three of the worst-performing schools involves transferring out half the teachers from Drew Science Magnet, Futures Academy and,  School 33 Bilingual Center.

That's 54 teachers who would have been moved out and replaced.

Arbitrator Jacquelin Drucker  ruled the district didn't follow the rules, leaving the case before State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Whalen this morning.

Buffalo school officials and teachers union leaders have met a deadline by sending to Albany, at the 11th hour, a memorandum of understanding concerning teacher evaluations.

Student absenteeism has been a major bone of contention in talks between the two sides.  Buffalo can secure several million additional state education dollars, but the district and the union must agree on a rigorous teacher evaluation system whether or not students show up for class.