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Four children's sections among the the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library system have a newer colorful look, designed to create a relaxed space for visitors, funded through the Rotary Club of Buffalo.

All branches of The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library are currently closed due to the cornonavirus pandemic and director Mary Jean Jakubowski isn't sure when they will be able to reopen.

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The Buffalo and Erie County Library remains closed, with hundreds of thousands of books behind closed doors. But, you can leap over those closed doors with your computer and download books or story hours for your kids or just contact your friends using the library WiFi system.

Buffalo & Erie County Library

The young Samuel Clemens grew up along one of the world’s great rivers, the Mississippi, and eventually became a pilot on the riverboats that carried the trade of a continent to the world. Better known today as Mark Twain, he is now an entry on the greatest of trade routes: the World Wide Web.

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Tai Chi enthusiasts and a senior citizen line dance class were just some of the demonstrations seen at a health fair at the Buffalo and Erie County Central Library on Wednesday. The fair is part of National Minority Health month. Booths of different health awareness concerns lined the 2nd floor of the library.

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Buffalo immigrants and refugees gathered in front of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library this weekend to share their stories of arrivals and departures at an event titled “Points of Departure”. It’s part of a collaboration between Just Buffalo Literary Center and Journey’s End Refugee Services.

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It's an event which seeks to clear out the old to make room for the new. The Used Book Sale at the Central Library in downtown Buffalo runs through Saturday. All items--books, music CDs, audio books--are priced at 50 cents with the proceeds going toward purchasing new reading materials.

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The end of "net neutrality" is not yet a done deal. Several states, including New York, are challenging the Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to repeal the regulation requiring fair and equal access to digital data. However, public libraries are among the institutions that worry about the possible effects of lost net neutrality, including access and cost.

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The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library has a unique Summer Reading event that is underway.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says it's the Passport to Reading program.

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Perhaps you've seen the "OneBuffalo" brand on various clothing items, accessories and even beer bottles. Now, you can see it on a library card.

Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Two sets of rare folios featuring the works of Sir William Shakespeare are now resting side-by-side in downtown Buffalo. It's a first-of-a-kind merger of the sets and part of an ongoing commemoration of the Bard's death 400 years ago.

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Young students from school districts across Western New York displayed their innovative thinking skills Sunday at an event called  the "Invention Convention" at the downtown library.

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History is a cornerstone of education and visitors to Buffalo's main library can now walk through a gallery that showcases centuries of brilliant minds.

Press Pass: How do you like your burger?

Mar 22, 2016
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Who doesn't enjoy a juicy burger! The April issue of Buffalo Spree is all about the beloved hamburger. On this week's Press Pass, WBFO's Mark Scott is joined by Editor Elizabeth Licata about where to find a great burger.


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division, The New York Public Library

The early history of Buffalo’s gay and lesbian community is lost, mainly because same-sex affection was so thoroughly stigmatized by society at large. It was, in the famous phrase of the 19th century, the love that dare not speak its name. But luckily, the city’s later LGBTQ history is known to us – largely through the remarkable efforts of two scholars who reconstructed what queer life was like in Buffalo from the 1930s to the early ’60s.

Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

What were you reading this year?  The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library is out with the annual list of the most popular borrowed materials for 2015.

Library promotes free summer reading for kids

Jun 11, 2015
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The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library kicked off its annual Summer Reading program Wednesday. The event encourages children to continue their reading while on summer break.

Library mural first of many planned public artworks

Aug 18, 2014
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A new public art piece is being constructed outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. The mural is one of several that will be put up as part of an Albright-Knox Art Gallery initiative across Erie County. A public art project is expected to be installed at Canalside over the next few weeks.

With the deadline for the state budget four weeks away, a push is on to block a proposed cut in state aid to libraries.

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The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library is seeking input from its users to find out what the customers want, or don't want, from their libraries.

Online auction benefits library system

Apr 17, 2012
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The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library is celebrating its 175th year.

The system is using the landmark to reach out to their supporters, and library supporters worldwide, for donations of art works, theatrical materials and, of course, books.

Now, as a fundraiser, these items are available during the Judy Summer Tribute Online Auction.

According to Director Mary Jean Jakubowski,  luminaries such as Lauren Belfer, Wolf Blitzer, Frank McCourt and Jim Kelly have donated items for the auction.

The auction was the idea of former Library Trustee Judy Summer.