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It will be a rare treat, weather permitting, for astronomy enthusiasts and casual stargazers alike. Shortly after sundown, near the southwest horizon, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will appear in the sky at just a fraction of one degree apart.

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It’s been a difficult school year for students, with many unable to attend classes in person or play sports due to COVID-19. Another experience many are missing out on is field trips. That’s why a new partnership is trying to help Buffalo and Niagara Falls students visit local educational, art and cultural centers virtually. 



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The Buffalo Museum of Science is celebrating National Engineers Week with a wide range of engineering disciplines and daily interactive activities.

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On Saturday night, Nusantara Arts, formerly known as the Buffalo Gamelan Club, will be performing a show at the Buffalo Museum of Science in front of Indonesian artifacts and artwork. The one-night exhibit is a product of a growing gamelan scene in Buffalo and desire on the museum’s behalf to work with more local organizations.

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The Buffalo Museum of Science will be marking its 90th anniversary this year by restoring a key section of its historic building overlooking the Kensington Expressway. 


After seven minutes of high anxiety - attempting to touch down a billion-dollar spacecraft on another planet after slowing it down several thousands of miles per hour can do that to your nerves - NASA's latest Mars spacecraft signaled its safe touchdown on the Red Planet. Now, InSight prepares to get to work learning more about the planet by scanning below its surface. A local astronomer says if there's water to be found on Mars, underground is where you'll find it.

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Now that the Buffalo Museum of Science has restored its rooftop telescope and reopened its observatory, the public has a chance to use it. Beginning this week, scheduled viewing sessions may be arranged, weather permitting, by reservation.

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An observatory closed to the general public since 1999 will once again be available to local science buffs and curious novices alike. The Buffalo Museum of Science on Friday hosted a ceremony marking the re-opening of the Kellogg Observatory atop its building.

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Sunday was a chance to show off inventions, ideas and the power of critical thinking. It was the 16th Invention Convention.

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A recent discovery at the Buffalo Museum of Science has the scientific community buzzing. A team uncovered a fully-intact elephant bird egg while digitally cataloging the museum’s oological collection.

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Joined by New York State Senator Timothy Kennedy Wednesday at the Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo, leaders of several science and nature education centers warned that their ability to fully serve the public - and remain important contributors to the local economy - may be in jeopardy if they lose state funding as a part of Albany's multi-billion dollar budget crisis.

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The public can continue to participate in the naming of the Buffalo Museum of Science's latest addition.  

Its new Albertosaurus was unveiled at the Museum along with a mastodon named Seymour on November 26, 2011.  Since that time the Museum has been collecting names for its new exhibit.  
Over 300-names were submitted. 

The top ten names were chosen by Lise Buyer, the financial donor responsible for bring both the Albertosaurus and mastodon to Buffalo.