Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government

Niagara County

University at Buffalo Law School students are joining a local open government group to sue Niagara County, seeking to overturn the county's long-term sealing of financial disclosure statements filed by its officials.

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Ten boards of ethics from local governments get either failing or generally low marks in a report issued by the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government.

Several local school districts are getting a failing grade for the poor way in which they communicate with the public.  

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New York State's government is in bad shape, but there is so much secrecy it is hard to tell how bad. That was the message Wednesday night, as two public interest groups were honored for trying to open government and uncover what is there.

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While much has been made recently about apparent conflicts of interest at the highest levels of the federal government, a new report is placing the spotlight on the potential for such conflicts on the local level. In a review of the financial disclosure forms required for elected officials in 10 area government entities, the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government found some troubling inconsistencies.

A new report from a local watchdog group faults many local governments for doing a poor job of relaying basic information to the public.

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

As the nation marks Sunshine Week, the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government is releasing its report card on the websites of local governments - and the grades are not good.

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A newly-issued report suggests that when local governments go into executive sessions, they are most times not fully complying with a state law concerning open government.

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A report card for local government websites and how well they share information with the public is out this week from the Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government. Bottom line up front – the grades aren’t good.