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“Invest Buffalo Niagara.” Those 3 words will be the rallying cry of advocates who are charged with marketing the region to new and expanding businesses.

Send a little "Buffalove" this holiday season

Nov 17, 2014
Courtesy of Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

"Buffalove" postcards are making the rounds across the country and even the globe.  It's all part of a new campaign aimed at getting Buffalo on the radar of folks who live elsewhere - and it appears to be working!

A Dubai-based company wants to spend $102 million building a plant in South Buffalo near the old Republic Steel plant site to make steel and turn it into large lengths of pipe for oil and gas production. 

Not only are shoppers from southern Ontario a familiar sight in western New York, recently there has been a growing list of Canadian companies moving to the region, as well.

Another Canadian company is moving operations south of the border and doing some hiring at a new location in Holland.

Fichman Furniture makes wooden radiator covers and will be making them in an existing building which was formerly used for producing wood products. Owner Erran Fichman says the building is ideal for what the company does and has already hired some workers.

The covers are made from a wood composite called MDF which comes from just across the border in Pennsylvania.

Welded Tube Website photo

The region is on the edge of getting a major new manufacturing plant on the site of the old Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna.

If all of the dotted "i"s and crossed "t"s fall into place, Welded Tube of Canada is planning to put $50 million  into a new facility in the Tecumseh Business Park on the old steel plant site.