Buffalo School Board

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Fresh from losing the mayor's race last month, Sergio Rodriguez is ramping up another campaign.

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The Buffalo School Board voted Wednesday evening to hire a lawyer for board president Barbara Seals Nevergold as school board member Carl Paladino seeks to have her removed from the board.

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The Buffalo Board of Education cleared some major problem issues Wednesday night, as it had a marathon session in  Performing Arts School.

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State Education Commissioner John King says he is disappointed there hasn't been more progress on a transfer plan for all Buffalo Public Schools students, as required by federal law.

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The Buffalo Board of Education discussed board member Carl Paladino's quest for more transparency in the way the board operates and how it spends money at its meeting Wednesday night.

Pinnacle to stay open as a public school

Aug 29, 2013
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Pinnacle Charter School will remain open for this academic year as a Buffalo public school.

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Nearly six hours into their meeting Wednesday night, Buffalo School Board members gave in to exhaustion and went home.

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The Buffalo Board of Education meets at noon Monday, facing decisions Albany is forcing.

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After hours of a Buffalo school board meeting last night, Pamela Brown is still schools superintendent and Carl Paladino made his presence known.

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This afternoon, Carl Paladino goes to his first full meeting of the Buffalo school board as a member and he's bringing a thick stack of paperwork outlining changes he wants to make.

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Recently elected Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino has laid out his agenda for the first official meeting that he will attend.


The Buffalo school board gave Superintendent Pamela Brown a good grade for her first year, but the evaluation was not released to the public.

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The day after a school board election and a few days before a Buffalo Teachers Federation election, Wednesday night's school board meeting was, at times, tense with politics front and center.

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Local developer and longtime school district critic Carl Paladino, and two other newcomers, Theresa Harris-Tigg and Jim Sampson, were elected Tuesday to seats on the Buffalo Board of Education.

Election Day for Buffalo School Board

May 7, 2013

Voters in the City of Buffalo head to the polls Tuesday to elect representatives to the Board of Education.

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With the Buffalo school board election a week away, eight candidates turned out Tuesday night for a debate in Lafayette Presbyterian Church.

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With Buffalo developer Carl Paladino officially in the race for the Buffalo Board of Education, the war of words has started between the former gubernatorial candidate and Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore. 

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Buffalo developer and activist Carl Paladino has announced a run for the Buffalo School Board, on the heels of being tossed out of a board meeting Wednesday night.

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Buffalo Board of Education members were told Wednesday there will be an attempt to unseat those seeking another term. They were also told the proposed state budget does little for the continuing fiscal problem. 

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Under some pressure from State Education Commissioner John King, the Buffalo school board is moving ahead to redistrict in time for the board election next spring.

While the final decisions will be made by the board, there is an advisory group drawing lines headed by Board Member Ralph Hernandez.

The final shapes for the six districts must meet all of the regular rules on compactness and equality of population among them. That is despite the lines being drawn based on the most-recent Census figures from 2010.

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A proposal to turn two of the city's most-academically-troubled schools into charter schools met strong opposition at last night's school board meeting.

A group of veteran charter school proponents has filed with the State Education Department to take over East High and Waterfront, dropping union contracts and adding longer school days and longer school years.

They expect to take over the buildings on which the Joint Schools Construction Board has spent tens of millions of dollars in renovations.

Buffalo schools now have a state-designated "distinguished educator."

While Judy Elliott is a Buffalo native, no one at the top of the school system admits to knowing her and it's not clear why Albany chose her for the new post.

Under a contract agreed to last night, Elliott will be paid $190-per-hour when working on school business and $275-per-day in expenses; she agreed to work 25 days a year while working with other school systems from her Florida base.

The appointment is not popular with board members.

Dixon resigns from Buffalo School District

Aug 1, 2012

Amber Dixon's long career with the Buffalo School District is coming to an end following her Tuesday resignation.

Dixon spent most of the 2011-2012 school year as the district's interim school superintendent, but was passed over for the permanent position when the school board appointed Dr. Pamela Brown in July.

After 21 years with Buffalo schools, Dixon was under contract through next June at a salary of $109,000.

Board reveals appointee's contract details

Jul 25, 2012

The Buffalo School Board delayed action Tuesday night on a contract for the district's new state-appointed distinguished educator.

That move followed board review of the contract for Judy Elliott, which calls for a pay rate of  $190-an-hour and $275-a-day in travel expenses.

An education consultant who lives in Florida, Elliott was named the district's distinguished educator in May by the state Education Department.

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State Supreme Court Justice Donna Siwek has ruled against a lawsuit filed by Buffalo developer Carl Paladino against the city school board for the hiring process of a new schools superintendent.  

Paladino claimed the Buffalo School board should have have vetted the candidates in public,  not behind closed doors.

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Former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino wants to stall the appointment of Pamela Brown as Buffalo schools superintendent.

Paladino is due in State Supreme Court tomorrow in his fight to open up the closed-door executive sessions used to select the new superintendent.

The board is still holding closed meetings to talk about details of the proposed pact, with lawyers from both sides bargaining the contract under which Brown would work, from pay to evaluation provisions.

The school board is slated to approve Brown's contract at a late-afternoon meeting tomorrow.

Late Friday afternoon, members of Buffalo's Board of Education responded to accusations from Buffalo developer Carl Paladino asserting the board violated the state's open meetings law by convening in closed-door executive sessions when it chose Dr. Pamela Brown to be the district's new superintendent.

Paladino, a frequent critic of the board, has filed papers in State Supreme Court seeking to block Brown's hiring, as well as her transitional contract that pays her a consulting fee of $800 a day. 

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The Buffalo School Board doesn't wish to wait for its new superintendent to get started so they're willing to pay to jump start the process.

Amber Dixon has been interim almost since James Williams retired last year.

She lost out in the search for a replacement to Pamela Brown who has been tentatively hired as superintendent.

To get the job, the probable new superintendent needs a variety of approvals from Albany and an employment contract which will set all of the terms and conditions of the new job.

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The Buffalo school board says it's close to picking a new superintendent but making the choice isn't the only issue.

While the school system and the BTF have been locked in talks for months over how to evaluate teachers, board members are now trying to figure how to evaluate the new superintendent in an employment contract.

Executive Affairs Vice President Rosalyn Taylor says the evaluation criteria include district issues like the dismal high school graduation rate.

The school board made it official yesterday, Interim Superintendent Amber Dixon is one of three finalists for the post left vacant when James Williams retired in September.

The others named and listed with their credentials are Edward Newsome, an assistant superintendent for high schools in Baltimore County Public Schools, and Pamela Brown, former assistant superintendent and chief academic officer for Philadelphia.