Buffalo School Board

The proposal sent to Albany called for teachers not to be judged on students who had missed seven weeks or more and there are a lot of those students.

The plan was kicked back by Albany and the school board was told $9 million wouldn't be headed this way, half this school year and half next to help turn around seven Persistently Low-Achieving (PLA) schools.

The school board has already budgeted and spent some of the money preparing to start turnaround plans for the schools and may have to lay off teachers and administrators to make up for the money.

A  unity rally was held at Lafayette High School on Saturday in support of the school.

Lafayette has been identified as one of the under-performing schools in the Buffalo District. Students, parents, teachers and community activists all came together to celebrate what is hoped to be a positive future for the school. School Principle Naomi Cerre claims that actions underway are brightening the school's outlook.