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In a time when poverty has been biting hard because of the pandemic, an alliance of agencies was at Say Yes Buffalo Wednesday to help unload a donation of 5 tons of food and school supplies.

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Families with kids in Buffalo schools will soon have an opportunity to place them in safe virtual learning environments, while solving potentially child care concerns created by the pandemic.

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Schools in New York City may, or may not, be closed through the end of the academic year — we don’t know yet because Gov. Andrew Cuomo effectively nullified an announcement from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Saturday saying those facilities would remain shuttered.

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Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash told school board members Wednesday night he doesn't expect buildings to reopen for the rest of the school year and expects the district's fiscal situation to get much worse.

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The Buffalo school district is preparing for the possibility of an extended closure due to concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus.

The annual rush to the state budget is heating up, with the deadline four weeks away. That sent Buffalo schools supporters on the bus to the capital early Tuesday.

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Buffalo is joining cities like Chicago, Newark and Washington, D.C., in changing the way its public schools teach students about the legacy of slavery.

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Beginning Monday, the City of Buffalo is adding camera enforcement in 14 school zones.

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Parents and teachers are moving forward with lawsuits against the Buffalo Public Schools over access to music education. It can partly be attributed to years of instability surrounding music education in city schools. WBFO’s Nick Lippa reports it has created an atmosphere of confusion, where in attempts to meet requirements, schools have implemented a technical one-minute period where students receive credit for music classes.

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Competitive video gaming, also known as eSports, has been growing in popularity at colleges around the country and now, two Buffalo public high schools have teams.

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Both parents and teachers are filing separate lawsuits against the Buffalo Public Schools, citing a lack of access to music education. The legal papers claim a legally-required arts sequence is only provided at two district high schools.

Speed enforcement cameras installed in Buffalo

Dec 9, 2019
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Drivers who speed past schools, in Buffalo, may not get away scot-free much longer. The city has installed school zone enforcement cameras at more than a dozen locations. 

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The eighth floor at City Hall was crowded for a school board meeting Wednesday night as several speakers, many Hutchinson Technical High School alumni, came to voice their concerns about the state of music education in the Buffalo Public Schools. The Buffalo Teachers Federation recently announced it would be moving forward with litigation by the end of the month because it believes certain schools are not compliant with art and music state regulations. But district officials want to make it clear they support arts education.


The pipeline concept is that out-of-school suspensions can lead to negative outcomes and that dropping out of school can send some students, mostly people of color, spiraling toward arrest and jail.

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A suspended City Honors teacher has been charged with child pornography and attempted and actual sexual exploitation of a child. 59-year-old Peter Hingston of Amherst is being held in federal detention and potentially faces up to 40 years in prison.

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Teach For America received a major funding boost to continue its work in the Buffalo Public School District on Tuesday as KeyBank and First Niagara Foundation delivered a $1 million contribution to the organization. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says Teach For America has been working with the district at its high-need schools.  

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The Buffalo Public School District is working to provide winter coats for families in need. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley visited one of the district's four Parent Centers to learn more about the giveaway.   

Pre-K and kindergarten teachers have a lot to do: teaching early literacy, numbers, interpersonal skills — and in some states, changing diapers.

While the majority of school-aged children are toilet trained by the time they get to preschool at around 4 years old, many kids aren’t, and many school districts can’t legally refuse them and their diapers. That’s now being debated in Buffalo, New York, where some teachers say the number of non-toilet trained students in their classrooms is climbing, stretching teachers and their aides thin.

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It's over. The lawsuit between the Buffalo School Board and LPCiminelli over the district's school $1 billion rehab project has been settled.

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A new school year is underway in the Buffalo Public School District.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the district begins the start of school with very promising graduation rates.

Most retired employees of the Buffalo school district enjoy a benefit not enjoyed by their counterparts in suburban school districts: lifetime health insurance.

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A legal fight between the Buffalo Public School District and Buffalo Teachers Federation over a plan to transfer teachers from City Honors will return to court next week, when the district will file papers challenging a restraining order obtained by the BTF.

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Albany is closing Buffalo's academically-challenged Oracle Charter School.

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The extent of Buffalo’s childhood lead poisoning epidemic may be worse than documented by government agencies. Many children may not be getting tested for lead in their blood in a city that has been described as “ground zero” for the lead poisoning across upstate New York.

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Among the petitions decided Friday by the New York State Education Commissioner was a request from the District Parent Coordinating Council to remove Buffalo Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash and all School Board members. The Commissioner denied the request on "procedural grounds," but the DPCC is not expected to re-submit its petition.

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Carl Paladino may have been removed from the Buffalo School Board by Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, but that does not mean he is giving up. His lawyers say they are appealing the removal and continuing a Civil Rights lawsuit against the school board.

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The continuing struggle between Buffalo schools and the Buffalo Teachers Federation heated up again last night, with talk of layoffs and cuts because of potential cuts in state funding.

After the months spent in the last school year in a fight over teacher evaluations, the district stands to lose nearly $59 million in this year's fight over evaluations.