Caroline Wojtaszek

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Across New York, the criminal justice system is grappling with a series of legal changes that are starting to fall into place and making some basic alterations in the way the state's courts work.

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A Lewiston doctor has pleaded guilty to engaging in oral sexual conduct with a 17-year-old patient during a medical appointment.

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The dirty laundry of Niagara County Republican politics is being waved again, as former State Sen. George Maziarz has surfaced again to blast a group of people who were once his political nearest and dearest.

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With a second regional District Attorney backing away from a provision of New York's SAFE Act, gun rights activists are seeing some success in fighting the law.

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Niagara County District Attorney Caroline Wojtaszek has specialized in prosecuting domestic violence cases throughout most of her career, but few people know she has had her own #MeToo moment.

A Wheatfield man jailed on a kidnapping charge has been released and a new suspect is behind bars.

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A push is underway in Niagara County to get more people involved in sharing their technology to fight crime.