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The cap on charter schools in New York is unlikely to be raised this year because of changing political dynamics in the Democrat-led New York State Legislature and opposition from the teachers union.

The State University Charter Institute is in the annual process of listening to new applications for charter schools to open, this group for the fall of 2020. It's a long and complicated process slated to finish in June, when the newest schools get their charters.


In a somewhat unusual support of charter schools, the Buffalo school board Wednesday night recommended Albany give three-year extensions to two charter schools.

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Two newly opened charter schools in Buffalo received a funding boost Monday. Evans Bank delivered a total of $250,000 as the bank’s ‘signature community education’ investment in supporting the schools “Building Excellent School’s” program’s.   

Elmwood Village Charter School

Test score results are going to the SUNY Board of Trustees Monday, saying SUNY-chartered schools are doing better than regular public schools.

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Tapestry Charter School in north Buffalo is celebrating an expansion. A ribbon cutting was held Tuesday for a brand new, three-story building to house students in kindergarten through 5th grade. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley was there for the opening as it also kicked-off a new school year.

The state Education Department has announced it made an error in the distribution of some federal funding that favored the state’s charter schools over public schools.

Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School

New leaders will start the fall school year at Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School and Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo.

Buffalo School Board

A lengthy budget discussion turned into a shouting match over charter schools at Wednesday's Buffalo School Board meeting.

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Oracle Charter High School on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo is at risk of closing. WBFO’s senior reporter Eileen Buckley has learned SUNY’s Charter Schools Institute (CSI) has recommended non-renewal, a denial of renewal for the school's charter for the next five years.

Buffalo charter schools call for equity in funding

Nov 28, 2017
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The Buffalo charter school community gathered together Tuesday at the Aloma Johnson Charter School calling for equitable funding.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the city charter schools want their fair share.

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The Buffalo Teachers Federation has released a new report that shows wide racial disparity among students and faculty in Erie County's charter schools and a lack of diversity among its teachers and administrators.

When it comes to hiring minority teachers, several local school districts are struggling. In Buffalo, where the majority of the students are African-American or Hispanic, the majority of teachers are white. On WBFO's Press Pass, Jay Rey of the Buffalo News points out the problem is more acute in some suburbs. One district has just one African-American teacher and a student body that is nearly one-third minority.

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New York State United Teachers and its largest local affiliate, the United Federation of Teachers, are taking newly approved rules for charter school teachers to court.

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Some of the state’s top ranking education officials are condemning a vote by a State University of New York committee that would weaken regulations for teachers at some charter schools.

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The State University of New York board members overseeing charter schools are in the midst of a public comment period on whether charter school teachers should be allowed to have fewer qualifications than public school teachers.

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What used to be a Buffalo public school building will be reopened this fall for an expanding local charter school. Monday morning, officials with the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School explained their plans for the former School 40 on Clare Street.

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Things heated up Tuesday as Buffalo Common Council members argued over the future of City Honors. The Masten District's Ulysees Wingo says the school's student population has to be more representative of the city's population and it isn't.

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Some area charter schools are preparing for expansion on their campuses.  WBFO's Mike Desmond reports the charter schools are joining the rush to brick and mortar.

NYSUT claims charters have too much cash

Mar 27, 2017
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The state's largest teacher union is crying foul over potentially more state funding for charter schools.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the union claims charter schools are "flush" with cash and do not need more public dollars. 

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While Buffalo schools are looking for millions of dollars more from Albany in the annual school aid budget fight, the district is diving into the intricacies of its spending and hoping to knock millions off its costs.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation that is intended to make reporting child abuse easier.

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A new charter school application has been approved for Buffalo. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter says the SUNY Board of Trustees' Charter Schools Committee has said yes to the Elmwood Village Charter School 2-to open.

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Buffalo charter schools are demanding their fair share in state funding.  Parents, students, teachers and charter advocates rallied at the Aloma D. Johnson Charter School on Jewett Avenue in Buffalo to call on state lawmakers to end inequity.

NYSED Commissioner appears at charter school rally

Feb 2, 2016
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Charter school advocates rallied in Albany Monday.  About one-thousand students, parents and teachers from across the state called on state lawmakers to erase the funding gap between public and charter schools and create equity.

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The leader of the Buffalo Public School District answered with caution when asked about charter schools. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley explains.

from Campbell

The teachers union and its allies will protest outside the state’s annual Business Council meeting in Lake George on Wednesday.  The union is upset over a speech to be given by former CNN anchor and now charter school advocate Campbell Brown.

A new charter school option for parents

Aug 28, 2015
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A new charter school has opened its doors in an East Side neighborhood of Buffalo. The Charter School of Inquiry on Edison is  located in the former Community Charter School building, that closed last year. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley says the school will emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and engaging students.

Back to class for some charter school students

Aug 24, 2015
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Students returned for a brand new school year Monday at two Buffalo charter schools. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley was there as students arrived for their first day back at the Charter School for Applied Technologies (CSAT) on Shoshone Drive. 

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What's probably going to be a very long fight over the financing system for New York charter schools went into State Supreme Court Thursday.