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KeyCorp announced Friday it has reached a deal with First Niagara Financial Group to purchase the bank for $4.1 billion. 


The U.S. Senate has confirmed the nomination of Buffalo Attorney Larry Vilardo as federal court judge in the Western District of New York.

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The march of a car-friendly Main Street through Downtown is continuing, with another $18 million in federal funding committed to the project.

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More vehicular traffic is coming to downtown Buffalo, with Washington agreeing to contribute $18 million to the Cars Sharing Main Street initiative.

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Senator Charles Schumer is urging federal authorities to take action in assuring the safety of Halloween makeup.

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US Senator Charles Schumer is calling for an increase in spending to bolster the nation's weather tracking systems.

Nearly four years after the Dillon Courthouse was vacated, the property could be brought back to life.

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Senator Charles Schumer is urging the Federal Trade Commission to modernize what is known as the "Eyeglass Rule."

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The Washington fight over money for Planned Parenthood probably won't lead to a government shutdown. That's the view of Congressman Tom Reed.

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Senator Charles Schumer is calling for wider controls over the sale of synthetic marijuana.

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In a rare split, New York's two U.S. Senators have differing opinions on the proposed Iran nuclear deal.  Senator Charles Schumer has come out against the pact, while Kirsten Gillibrand says she supports it. 

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During a stop in the Wyoming County Town of Wethersfield on Monday, Senator Charles Schumer spoke for the first time about the Iran nuclear deal since he announced his opposition to it late last week.

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What remains today of Buffalo’s Humboldt Parkway is an ordinary stretch of sidewalks and city streets, divided by the Kensington Expressway. Decades ago, it was a tree-lined parkway connecting major parks of the Olmsted system. On Saturday, a community coalition once again led the charge to restore the parkway design.

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US Senator Charles Schumer will announce today his support of a safe driving technology.

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New federal legislation may bring longer tractor-trailers to area roads. Senator Charles Schumer is warning the longer trucks could be traveling along any road that receives federal funding.

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Residents in the Town of Clarence have been dealing with problems on Tonawanda Creek Road for about a decade, as erosion has caused part of the road to collapse. During a stop there Monday, Sen. Charles Schumer warned that unless Congress acts, road funding will run out soon.

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US Senator Charles Schumer is criticizing a proposal that would cut funds for the fight against bird flu.

Major wounded in 2014 Fort Hood rampage is honored

Jun 16, 2015
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Hailed as a hero for his role in leading seven people away from danger - after being seriously wounded himself - a Western New York native and Army officer was honored Monday for his actions in a 2014 multiple shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.

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Dale Dart, a Hamburg-based veteran of Operation Desert Storm now living with an illness linked to his service, is hoping his two-year wait for home renovations through Veterans Affairs is about to end, with a little help from an elected official.

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New York Senator Charles Schumer will be in New York City today speaking against a proposed move by the airline industry.

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With the theft of metals on the rise, New York Senator Charles Schumer is calling for greater controls on the scrap industry.

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New York Senator Charles Schumer is urging that new restrictions be placed on manufacturers of e-cigarettes.

Schumer urges federal funds for Lewiston-Queenston plaza

Apr 20, 2015
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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is urging the federal government to provide $30 million to help a busy Western New York border crossing renovate and keep up with its traffic.

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The push is on for approval of a helipad atop the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital at the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus but, before construction, the pad needs to be signed off by local, state, and federal officials.

The rising number of local craft brewers and craft distillers have one thing in common: a need for malted barley. It's hard to get because of rapidly rising demand and because New York farmers are reluctant to grow it since there is no federal crop insurance.

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New York Senator Charles Schumer will be speaking in Manhattan today against gender-based wage discrimination.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer wants those powerful green hand lasers banned because they are a threat to pilots and airplanes.

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The pilot who managed to safely land an airplane years ago on the Hudson River is now joining continuing fight over airline safety with the Families of Flight 3407.

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US Senator Charles Schumer is calling on federal officials to expedite a long-awaited report on the potential threat posed by radioactive waste underneath the Tonawanda Landfill off Military Road.

Schumer urges FAA, OMB to release drone regulations

Dec 8, 2014
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Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for immediate federal regulations for small drones. Schumer says he is urging the FAA and The Office of Management and Budget to expedite the release of rules for the unmanned aircrafts.