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With 11 working days left in the legislative session, the atmosphere is intensifying at the State Capitol. Democrats who lead the Legislature are facing pressure from all sides to deliver on legislation that they campaigned on.

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Progressive-leaning groups say now that more Democrats have been elected to the New York State Senate,  they will hold their feet to the fire in January to ensure that measures like bail reform and legalizing marijuana are swiftly enacted into law.

State lawmakers are due back at the Capitol Monday, following a two-week break  after they passed a budget that contained numerous other items, like free public college tuition for some middle class students and an expansion of ride hailing services. Here’s a look at what, if anything, lawmakers still need to do before adjourning in June.

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Public education supporters are back on their campaign to force Albany to provide the money called for in a court victory a decade ago. On Wednesday, some of those supporters rallied on the steps of City Hall.

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While attendance has been an issue in Buffalo Public Schools for years, there is increasing concern about the inability of students to learn if they don't show up for class.

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Parents, citizens and local officials gathered in Buffalo Wednesday to demand that New York State provide more funding for public schools. The #WeCantWait social media campaign urges the state to comply with court ordered funding through the Campaign for Fiscal Equality.

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Local lawmakers and community activists are urging people without health care coverage to sign up as soon as possible.

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Local parents, students, and community members say Governor Cuomo’s proposed increase in school aid isn’t enough. The group gathered at Citizen Action of New York and Alliance for Quality Education headquarters in Buffalo Wednesday to discuss their concerns with the plan.

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About two dozen people braved a biting wind outside the Erie County Holding Center in downtown Buffalo Tuesday to call on Albany to "Raise the Age."

An anti-corruption commission appointed by Governor Cuomo has deepened its investigations in recent days. The intensifying probes come following accusations that  Cuomo has tried to control the panel and even suppress some subpoenas.

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In events across New York, state lawmakers joined community activists and labor leaders Tuesday in calling for passage of campaign finance reform in Albany. 

School activists say they are closer to major changes in Buffalo's student suspension system to keep students learning even if suspended.

School administrators admit the present system doesn't work well, especially when it involves sending a student home when suspended for a non-violent offense.

One student made it as far as the school bus stop where he was gunned down in a dispute he wasn't involved in.

The district has a plan to change the system and put most suspended students in a classroom in the building away from the regular classroom.