Columbus day


The Columbus Day holiday has changed, for some, from a lazy day off from work to a day of activism.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo weighed in on the controversy over Christopher Columbus when he marched in New York City’s annual Columbus Day parade.  

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Today is Columbus Day, a national holiday that, again, revives the annual fight over whether or not to memorialize Christopher Columbus.

To some, Columbus Day is merely a day off from work. Others view it as traditional holiday that commemorates an explorer’s arrival to the Americas. Still others shun it as an inappropriate national holiday that should not be celebrated -- or should be redefined.

Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1937, but some want to see that changed.  Four states don't recognize Columbus Day and a growing number of cities have followed suit.

A movement to recognize Native Americans on Columbus Day is attracting more cities around the nation.

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If you are traveling to Canada this holiday weekend be prepared for busy border crossings. Both Americans and Canadians will celebrate a holiday on Monday.