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A former college football player suffering from early dementia is among those urging New York State legislators to ban tackle football for children 12 and younger.

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Ontario fans of the Toronto Raptors watching a championship finals game last week suddenly saw a rough TV ad about the risks of concussions—a young women was hurt in a soccer game and started to bleed from her nose, but kept playing because she is "doin' whatever it takes." The ad was part of the provincial government's hard push against concussions in its Hit-Stop-Sit campaign.

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A landmark study at the University at Buffalo has found young people who have suffered a concussion can continue to exercise moderately as part of their recovery.

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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, speaking in Buffalo, said the league is complying with a judge's order by entering mediation with former players in a bid to settle a concussion lawsuit.

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With all the controversy and debate surrounding concussions and CTE for those playing contact sports, there are some surprising results from a UB study.  WBFO' senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the new report is claiming the CTE risk is not as prevalent as once thought.  

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The Buffalo Bills, in partnership with USA Football, hosted an estimated 250 young athletes, their families and coaches inside New Era Field on Friday to discuss how to increase safety in the game of football.

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Hockey can be a brutal game. The injuries sustained on the ice can be life-altering, even life-ending. More attention than ever is now being paid to the effects of head injuries and concussions, on both the professional and youth levels.

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Youth sports coaches and managers in Erie County may soon be required to take a brief course on concussion awareness and safety. A proposal is on the table in the Erie County Legislature and, Thursday morning, lawmakers heard testimony from people who have front-line knowledge of concussion safety.


More and more companies have introduced impact sensors to monitor hits suffered by athletes during games and practices. The technology usually focuses on concussions, but as The Innovation Trail's Sasha-Ann Simons reports, one company is gearing its gadget to look at other brain injuries, too.

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Researchers studying the effects on concussions on athletes hope the new film Concussion will raise awareness about the effects of head trauma on the brain. 

For thousands of youth soccer players nationwide, including those playing on dozens of teams here in Western New York, the rules are changing, with the practice of "heading" the ball being removed.

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A new report claims that special mouth guards and helmets marketed to reduce concussions may not actually provide any additional protection for football players. The findings are from a 2012 study that followed 1,332 high school athletes during a season.

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A spate of recent serious football-related injuries and fatalities, as well a $765 million payout by the NFL to over 4,500 retired players has heightened awareness around the danger of concussion.

NFL Charities is awarding more than $1.5 million in grants to 15 institutions nationwide, including the University at Buffalo, for sports-related research.

Nearly two-thirds of the money is earmarked for concussion prevention and treatment. UB is using its $100,000 grant to further develop a standardized exercise test for athletes who have experienced concussions. Dr. John Leddy of UB's Concussion Management Clinic compares their test to a stress test for the heart, only this one is for the brain.

Concussions are a known risk for athletes involved in contact sports.  With youth athletes becoming faster and stronger, head injuries such as concussions are becoming more common... and more severe.   Doctors are becoming more aware of the long-term effects of concussions but say more work must be done to further understand them and what connections may exist to other symptoms including depression, headaches and other physical problems.