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Several minor political parties in New York are in jeopardy of losing their spot on future election ballots in the state. Recent changes to the state’s election laws require that a party garner either 130,000 votes or 2% of the total votes cast, whichever is higher, to remain on the ballot.

Canada's Conservatives seeking new leader

Jan 19, 2020
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The race is on for Canada’s next top Tory. The Conservative Party of Canada, which presently forms Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the House of Commons, will select its new leader at a convention in Toronto on June 27.

The chair of the State’s Democratic Party, Jay Jacobs, found himself on the defensive after a leaked email revealed a proposal that could weaken minor parties backed by progressive Democrats, and strengthen the state’s Conservative Party.

Political parties that represent the left and the right of New York’s political spectrum have joined in a common interest, and filed lawsuits against a new commission that might curtail their rights to cross endorse political candidates. And though the two parties in some cases hold diametrically opposing views on policy, they share a belief that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is trying to get rid of the practice as part of a political vendetta. 

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A commission to examine a public campaign finance system for statewide elections in New York may also look at whether to continue the state’s practice of what’s known as fusion voting.


As Marc Molinaro brings his campaign for governor to Western New York for the first time Wednesday, he's being greeted with criticism from a local leader. Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra, a Reform Party gubernatorial candidate, labeled Molinaro as  "the right-wing Conservative-Republican candidate who's supported by the NRA."

A wide variety of groups have spent over $1.3 million dollars to urge voters to vote no on  holding a Constitutional Convention. As Karen DeWitt reports, the opponents have far outspent a smaller number of advocates who urge a yes vote on the November ballot. 

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The campaigns for the Erie County Clerk's office have not begun in earnest, but candidates for the post are beginning to line up.

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has taken measures to establish a leadership election in October.

A County Supreme Court decision has created the opportunity for a Conservative Party primary in Buffalo's mayoral race.

Grisanti gets Independence endorsement

Feb 28, 2012
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Senator Mark Grisanti is receiving the backing of the New York State Independence Party.

This comes just days after the Conservative party announced their endorsement of Democrat Charles Swanick for the Senate seat Grisanti currently holds.

State Chairman of the Independence Party Frank McKay was in Buffalo Tuesday to announce the endorsement. McKay said even though it's unclear which district Grisanti will run for during the 2012 senate race the party will be standing behind him.